Enrica Dal Zio

Enrica Dal Zio (Italy, 1963) artist of the word, actress, director, clown and therapist, was born in Monselice (Padua) and lives in Padua. She has worked with the Art of the Word in the artistic and therapeutic field for several years.
She is recognized as a professional trainer in Learning to Learn, in Learning from Destiny, in creative Spiritual Research, in Dialog as a meeting, in the Michael Chekhov theatrical technique and in Spacial Dynamics gymnastics and Bothmer.
She developed a new clown course from her experiences with the work of Jacques Lecoq, Michael Chekhov, Rudolf Steiner, C.v.Houten and Viola Spolin.
She works with children, teens and adults of all ages and with disabled people since 1993. She holds courses, seminars and conferences in several European countries, in Russia, in Brazil, in Argentina and in the United States.