Corporate Coaching: Invisible Laws behind Individuals and Organizations

First Module: April 10-13 2019

Effective Corporate Coaching has to do with unveiling hidden laws, widening perspectives, being able to observe and recognize the archetypes and principles that sculpt and effect human beings, groups and organizations. Thanks to the knowledge and understanding of these laws a Corporate Coach can support harmonious transformations of organizational processes and a real evolution.

  • What are the laws that human beings and organizations share?
  • How can we make a correct organizational diagnosis by understanding the connections, causes and effects between the different dimensions of an organization?
  • How can we identify the bridges being built by the people working in the organization? How can we bring awareness and give strength to these bonds?
  • How can we recognize the mechanisms of resistance to change and how can we use them to develop engagement strategies?
  • Organizations as living organisms: The Map of the 10 Aspects


Vera Oliveira (Brazil)
Francesco Grazioli (Italy)
Corrado Docente (Italy)