Working with the Emerging Future in Corporate Coaching

Seventh Module: November 26/28 2020

Every day we meet two currents: the one coming from the past that has brought us here, and the one coming from the future full of potential and challenges. Today, the real challenge for many of us is to really live in the present without holding onto the past and dreaming of the future. How can we help our clients live their present more intensely and at the same time consciously connect with the current of their emerging future? How can we help them to welcome and bring the future that knocks at their door, which is in harmony with their biographical mission?

The themes that will be developed are:

  • What does the future need?
  • What tools and approaches do we need to work with the unknown future?
  • Past, present and future: the biographical map and Tryptichon approach (developed by Rinke Visser and Josien de Vries) as a basis for discovering the next step in everyone’s life
  • Vision Building in harmony with oneself and the world


Belinda Heys (UK)
Corrado Docente (Italy)