Corporate Coaching: incontro fra 3 diverse biografie

Second module: May 30th-June 1st 2019

In a Corporate Coaching intervention there is an encounter between three different biographies: that of the company, that of the coachee and that of the coach. The effectiveness of the intervention depends on how far the coach is able to understand all three of them: for example, in which of the biographical stages of development lies the company organism and what is to be done in each of them? How is the biography of the single coachee included with its expressive modes? What stage of your biography is the coach facing? 

The themes that will be developed are:

  • Biographical and development aspects in Corporate Coaching
  • The stages of a personal biography
  • The stages of a company biography
  • How to develop the ability to read the organizational reality in which we move and its moment
  • How to develop Biographical Coaching


Ronen Hahn (Israel)
Corrado Docente (Italia)