Developing the Moral Technique in Corporate Coaching

Sixth Module: October 07-10 2020

How do we intervene in corporate conversations in order to be effective for the organization and to leave our interlocutors ethically free? What skills must we nourish and develop in ourselves? Through the exploration of these questions, insights, traps and best practices we will build strong foundations for the development of our Moral Technique. “Moral Technique” means that ability to translate ideals into concrete actions, thus giving it body, with creativity and leaving room for the new. In this sense the key word is therefore “Action” consequent “to the Ideal”.

The themes that will be developed are:

  • What is the Moral Technique, how do we develop it and why it is rewarding at all levels
  • The pitfalls in Corporate Coaching interventions
  • Developing new skills in Coaching conversations
  • Analysis of case studies and best practices


Gordon Collins (Canada)
Corrado Docente (Italy)
Enrica Dal Zio (Italy)